Mevo Tips and Tricks

The Mevo Start is a video camera that has several features, including the ability to record or stream video by pressing the power button once and the ability to turn on or off wired webcam mode by pressing the power button twice. The Mevo Start can also be powered on or off using a USB C cable and a smart plug. The device has an option in the settings to switch the line level/mic level toggle when using a 3.5 millimeter jack from a sound board. The Mevo Start customer group on Facebook is actively monitored by Logitech, and the company is open to customer input and feedback. The Mevo Start also has the ability to run Safari and monitor comments on an iPad, but does not have split view capability. On an Android tablet, the Mevo Start has split screen capability and can run alongside other apps. The Mevo Start is also compatible with multiple control devices, including an iPad or Android device. There are also 3D printed sleeves available for purchase on the Mevo Start website that can be used to mount lights or microphones to the back of the device.

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