Merchandise Page is Active

Many have asked for the ability to purchase a mounting option for mics and lights on their Mevo Start. Those are available on the merchandise page of this site at https://jdubhoffman.com/merchandise/

To buy any of the items listed there simply click on the Place Order button at the bottom of the page. A PayPal option will be given where you can describe your order in the ”note” section there.

Value Over Success

So often we lose ourselves chasing success. Somehow we have defined success according to a misguided idea of perfection. Allow me to give you a piece of advice: Aim for value over success.

Value means we have added to the world in which we operate. Value means I’m beneficial to the folks around me. Value lets my imperfections be real without wallowing in them.

When I can look back at my day or season or life and find where I added value to my family or job or community there should be a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. When I am driven by a vague idea of success I end too many days empty.

Find yourself a niche where you add value. Then enjoy the process of producing said value over and over again.